A quick note about on-line appraisals
We know you can get appraisals on-line by submitting a
form and some pictures. In our opinion, that lacks the
element of integrity. We feel very strongly that the only
way for an appraiser to give you an accurate appraisal is
to see the car in person. We encourage you to give that
thought consideration. What would happen IF you did
have a loss and your insurance company discovered
your appraisal was done by somebody who has never
even seen the car?  Many insurance companies have
investigators on staff that are looking for ways to
minimize insurance company costs by paying you less.
Are you willing to risk it to save a little money on the

We offer two services. Appraisals and pre-purchase
inspections. Our fee for an appraisal is $145 which
includes up to 20 miles of travel from our office in
Eagan, Minnesota (a suburb about 13 miles south of
St. Paul). Additional mileage is billed at 70 cents per mile
each way.
A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed inspection of the
vehicle as though the inspector was buying the car for
himself. We will conduct a very detailed inspection and
several digital photos, a test ride (if owner is
willing) and a detailed verbal report. We will not waste
your time with the beautiful "in front of the water
feature" pictures. Instead, you will receive pictures that
the owner may not be so eager for you to see. If you
decide to buy the car, we don't want you to be surprised.
We know you are anxious to hear about the car so we
will e-mail pictures and talk to you via the phone usually
within hours of seeing the car. Our fee for a
pre-purchase inspection is $299 with the same deal as
above for mileage.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or
concerns you may have. References are available upon


Telephone: 651-468-9606

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