About the Appraiser

My name is Joel Edgerton. I am uniquely qualified to be
an appraiser. I have been a car enthusiast for more than
40 years.  I have bought, sold, and restored many
collectible cars over the years. I currently own three of
them. My cars have won numerous trophies at car shows
World of Wheels “Best in Class”, “Best
Restored” and “Ultimate Muscle Car”. To the left is a
picture of my 68 Mustang GT 428 Cobra Jet at the
of Wheels
show in St. Paul.
Cars have been a major part of my professional life as
well. I have considerable experience as a Fleet Manager
of nearly 100 vehicles, a Production Manager for a large
collision repair facility, and as an end-of-lease inspector
of high-end automobiles.
My formal education includes extensive training in a
classic car appraisal workshop with Daryl Kirt. He is
founder and owner of Hooked on Classics (
hookedonclassics.com). Since 1974 it has been a
premier classic car store in the area. Daryl has
performed thousands of appraisals which have stood up
in courtrooms and insurance claims. Mr. Kirt is and has
been a NADA advisory board member for many years. His
expertise in the classic car business is well known
throughout the United States. He is one of the best in
the appraisal field.
I am passionate about cars and providing my clients with
a quality product second to none!
About the Process

I typically talk to the owner of the car a day or two before
I come to your location to do the appraisal. I collect the
facts about the car.  The reason is because I want to do
some research for comparable vehicles sold recently
and/or currently for sale. I do not just simply look up
your car in a book.  I am a member of the N.A.D.A. Classic
and Collectible Cars board of Advisers so naturally, that
is one of two or three printed sources I use as a guide.
Classic Car Appraisals, LLC