Classic Car Appraisals, LLC

Welcome to Classic Car Appraisals, LLC of
Minnesota. Serving your classic car appraisal and
pre-inspection needs in and around the Twin Cities
area of Minneapolis and St. Paul including western
Wisconsin. We appraise all makes and models and
specialize in Muscle Cars of the fifties, sixties and
early seventies.
What you should know.....

Appraisals are needed for many reasons but primarily
for insurance purposes. Talk to your insurance agent
and learn about the different terms used in the
insurance industry. Make sure you understand exactly
what kind of insurance you are buying for your car.  For
my own cars, I have talked to my insurance agent, and
we have agreed on a value for each of my cars. My
insurance premiums are based on that agreed value. In
other words, if my car would disappear or be completely
destroyed, there will be no discussion about how much
the check amount will be. We have already had that
discussion. The time to have an accurate appraisal and
discussion with your insurance agent is BEFORE you
have a loss. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked
to owners of cars who were shocked and very
disappointed with their settlement after their car was
stolen or severely damaged.  Ask your insurance agent
what you could expect your settlement to be if your car
was stolen. You might be surprised! Again, before a loss
is the time to find out. Not after!        
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